The Book: Grandmother, by Elaine Woodward

A wonderful and meaningful gift! Grandmother is a collection of poetry and short stories that speaks to the readers about native traditions and spirituality, beliefs and values. It is about death being a part of the circle of life, mourning and rejoicing in the gift of life, treating all life with reverence, and believing in dreams, visions and spirits. It is about learning to love and understand with our hearts as we walk on this earth, despite the many difficulties that challenge us to grow. It is about learning to heal from loss. It is a book written for Elaine’s little granny, Victoria Bloomstrand. Her Grandmother died in December 1995 at the age of 100. Whenever her little granny was leaving to go somewhere, she would say, “I’m going now.” She did this so her spirit would not be left behind. She taught Elaine that all things have a spirit and must be treated with gentleness and respect – and through her stories, such as “Travellers of the Night”, that death is only a spiritual transition that brings one closer to the Creator. Elaine Woodward is a Metis woman, born and raised in Anzac, a small community in northern Alberta. She is the granddaughter of Victoria Bloomstrand. After finishing highschool, she moved to Fort Smith, Northwest Territories (NT), to live near her grandmother. In 1981, she moved to Yellowknife, NT, and in 2004, she moved to Millarville, AB, where she now resides.