Blog 4, Sale of My CD “Healing Ground” on CDBaby

Well it happened! Somewhere, sometime while I was on my way from Cambridge Bay, via Yellowknife, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Iqaluit to Clyde River, I received an email from CDBaby. CDBaby is the independent music distributor that is selling digital copies of the songs from my CD Healing Ground.  CDBaby congratulated me on selling my first copy of the Healing Ground album! The first buyer was someone in Santa Fe, N.M. Google translation says in Spanish, “Santa” means holy, saintly, or blessed while “Fe” means faith, belief, confidence, hope, conviction or inspiration. I take all these words as positive signs that I am on a good journey with my music, work and life!  If you want to check out my digital songs, google search CDBaby.  Once you are in the CDBaby site search “the bag man” or “garchinski”. I guess with one sale I can’t really say that my digital CD has gone viral, or would that be a slight overstatement??????

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